Nikki. S

My son started attending Baker’s Corner Preschool on a part-time basis when he was 3 1/2 years old. He loved it so much that he wanted to go to “school” every day and completed his final year attending Monday-Friday.

During our time with Baker’s Corner Preschool, I found my son to be very engaged with the structure, curriculum and lesson plans. He developed meaningful friendships with classmates and flourished in this play-based preschool.

Both teachers exemplified kindness, caring and dedication both with the students and the running of the preschool. It was obvious that they spent time developing lesson themes, art projects and field trips that would be both engaging and educational for the children.

I truly attribute my son’s continued love for school to the greatness that is Baker’s Corner Preschool and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nurturing environment for your child to thrive in.

Pamela Johnson

Bakers Corner Preschool has been a part of our lives for a long long time. My husband went there when he was young and both of my children went through the program. My son still talks about his time with Miss Brittney and Miss Laura! Both teachers are young and full of energy for these busy kids. The parent involvement was extremely manageable and they were able to work around our work schedules. We have recommended Baker’s Corner Preschool and will continue to do so. It has a great sense of family and community.

Rob McTavish, PhD

Over a period of seven years we had all three of our children enrolled in Baker’s Corner Preschool. As educators my wife and I understand the incredible benefits of early socialization of children. All the children left the preschool confident and happy and easily integrated into kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher can always identify the Baker’s Corner children because of their readiness to begin school as happy students. I can’t say enough about the wonderful teachers who are so incredibly dedicated to Baker’s Corner. We were so lucky to have had them teach and care for our children.

Meagan R

I attended Baker’s Corner Preschool myself when I was a child, and I love that my daughter now attends! The staff are fantastic, and she has an absolute blast. She loves making new friends and learning so much in a fun and informative way.

Jennifer M

My daughter has attended Baker’s Corner Preschool for 2 years now & it has been the most amazing experience for us both. She suffers from separation anxiety, and I was nervous about her starting school. The moment I met Miss Brittney & Miss Laura my worries were completely put at ease. They are the kindest, most caring & wonderful teachers I have ever come across. They are so invested in the children & it shows in everything they do. I’ll forever be grateful for this beautiful classroom, the valuable tools my daughter has learned, & all the friendships made!

Jennifer M

Zoe S

Bakers Corner Preschool is a wonderful school. The teachers are incredibly patient, endlessly inventive, creative, young, and fun. Both my kids have gone to the school, it’s a wonderful stepping stone into elementary school, and a great place to build community for your kids and yourself. The parental involvement is very manageable and a really great opportunity to be a part of your kids’ early school experiences.

Sandy Sihota

Both my daughters attended Baker’s Corner and had an exceptional experience. We noticed an improvement in their communication and interpersonal skills. They developed bonds and friendships with their fellow preschoolers, and are still close to many of them. The teachers are extremely kind and friendly, and attend to the individual child needs. With our youngest the separation from us was harder and Brittney was so supportive and understanding of our daughter’s need. We are so pleased this was her first experience of school and provided that positive foundation as the transition to Kindergarten was so much easier for us all. The parent involvement model is great as it allows parents, children and teachers to have a sense of a community involvement and we continue to be in contact with many of the families we met at Baker’s Corner.

Erika B

My Daughter Coco attended Baker drive pre Kindergarten year, she had a brilliant experience making lots of nice friends and learning skills in preparation for Kindergarten. But most of all Coco loved her teachers Miss Britney ,Miss Laura and Miss Anna, they without a doubt made her experience a wonderful one! As a parent I was happy my daughter had such a positive experience in her pre school year!

Karen Andersen

My daughter Leigh started preschool at Baker’s Corner in January 2017. She immediately fell in love with the teachers, she looks forward to going to “her new school” every morning. She quickly developed friendships with her little classmates. When I drop her off at school, I see how quickly they connect and begin to play with each other. The teachers are warm-hearted, creative and extraordinarily attentive to each child’s needs. I appreciate the parent involvement model, as it has allowed us to share in our child’s journey in a closer way possible than for-profit programs. I recommend Baker’s Corner to anyone seeking a nurturing and encouraging path for their little ones.